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Test Results / Case studies

Biochar - latest news on results / performance

A quick tour of the results of the latest biochar 'meta-analysis'

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Giant Sunflowers using biochar super compost

We planted our sunflowers (Russian Giant) into the test beds very late this year, in early August, after the Charlotte potatoes came out. The thinking was simple; sunflowers need lots of water and nutrients and they will really test the different soil additive mixes.

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Making a fantastic raised bed / container compost mix

SoilFixer explores the development of a fantastic raised bed, container and planter mix based on compost, biochar, soil and colloidal humus. With great results, 100% peat free and re-usable every year, it is looking like a strong new product area.

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Super Composter Tester Update – October

Our tester Paul has been busy filling his Super Composter with a mixture of materials from general garden waste from his smallholding, to household scraps, coffee grounds and sourdough starters from the kitchen.

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Landscape, Horticulture, Trade help

Help and advice on custom and bespoke biochar and super compost products for landscape, horticulture and other soil-related trade professionals.

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Repairing lawn grass with SF60 Biochar Super Compost

Repairing weed killer damaged brown grass lawn patches using SoilFixer SF60 Super compost.

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Testing, Testing! Biochar and humus added to vegetable plots

We’ve been testing our soil additives by growing radishes in five sets of beds. And it makes interesting reading!

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Trials have begun for the new SoilFixer Super Composter

June was the first month of testing for our Super Composter panel. The first task was to set up their prototype bins, each was supplied in flat-pack format.

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Allotment potato crop weights - analysis of test results

We have many gardeners and allotment owners testing samples of SF60 to see what impact it has on vegetable growth.

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Basil and radish plant growth results (Jason Daff, spring 2017)

Jason Daff (one of our testing community) set up trials using Levington’s F2 commercial growing media as the control. He added 10% and 20% SF60 with the F2. A fourth set of seeds were grown with F2 topped up with a commercial slow release fertiliser (Osmocote).

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